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Printed Area: We print your logo, colors, background patterns, written information, and other images on any part of the materials you order! That means, for instance, if you buy a tent from us, your logo and info can be displayed on all four panels of the top of the tent for no additional cost!

The only exception to this is if you purchase single-sided walls or flags. In that case, the back side of each product will be white. You would need to upgrade to double-sided printing to have graphics displayed on both sides.

Colors: We are able to print almost any color (we use Pantone colors) and you’re welcome to use as many as you’d like!

Fonts: We have a large collection of fonts available for use. You can make use of up to 3 fonts for free or more fonts for $5 per font. And If you’d like to use a font that’s not in our collection, additional fees may apply if a license is needed.

Written Information: We know you want your website, social media, contact info, products or services descriptions and more displayed on your materials, so we don’t want to put any limits on that! All that we ask is that all written information is provided to us by you exactly as you would like it displayed.

Background Patterns: If you’d like to spice things up a bit with stripes, dots, curves, repeated shapes, color gradients, etc., you’re welcome to ask for that!

Use of photos, graphics, or illustrations (provided by customer): You’re welcome to give us images to use on you products. Just keep in mind that these images need to be high- resolution (300 DPI and appropriately sized for the printed material) or in vector format. And remember, you must be the original creator of these images or purchase a license to use them.

Photo edits: If you need us to make any changes to your photo such as cut out images or color correction, that option is available as an upgrade.

Use of stock images, graphics, or illustration: If you have a more complex design in mind that involves additional images, you’re welcome to upgrade and make use of stock images that we can provide for you. We just ask that you give us a clear explanation of what you’re looking for so that we can meet your expectations!

Revisions: Revisions refers to the amount of times we will provide updated design mockups for your products. The first mockups we send are called “initial mockups”, so “revision 1” would be the second set of mockups. Please describe the design ideas you have in mind as clearly and thoroughly as you can up front so that you can avoid those extra revision fees!

Logo or image vectorization: If you’re not able to provide us with your logo in vector format or a high enough resolution for printing on your purchased materials, you might need to get it vectorized so that it can be printed at any size without becoming pixelated. In most cases, we’re happy to do that for you, but an extra fee will apply and that fee will be determined by the complexity of the logo.

Logo design or revisions: We do not offer logo design or revisions to your current logo. If this is a service you’re looking for, please find a logo designer that can do that for you. We’re happy to make use of your logo on your printed materials once you have it ready for printing!

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