3 Reasons We Prefer Aluminum Hexagonal Frames Over Steel Frames

3 Reasons We Prefer Aluminum Hexagonal Frames Over Steel Frames

Looking to purchase a tent for your next outdoor event or mobile business?

While steel frames are good quality, there are some reasons we only offer aluminum hexagonal frames for our customers.

Here are 3 key reasons aluminum tent frames outperform steel

1. Aluminum tent frames weigh far less than steel ones

The lighter weight makes aluminum frames much easier to transport and set up without heavy lifting equipment.

Aluminum's lightweight properties make it possible for a single person to carry and transport their tent. This allows for faster, simpler setup at events.

2. Aluminum tent frames last longer on average

Aluminum tent frames maintain their integrity much better than steel when exposed to rain, wind, and other Extreme Weather conditions.

Aluminum won't rust or break down nearly as quickly as steel. The hexagonal aluminum poles provide excellent stability in unfavorable conditions, keeping your tent securely in place. You'll get more seasons of use out of aluminum frames.

3. Quick, Tool-Free Setup

The simple snap-button and pin connections of aluminum hexagonal tent frames allow for intuitive, rapid assembly without any tools required. You can set up aluminum tents in minutes!

When you rely on tents for your livelihood, you want frames that are lightweight yet durable, portable yet stable even in unfavorable conditions.

Aluminum hexagonal tent frames check all those boxes.

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